I’m inspired by nature, its forms, textures, beauty and array of gorgeous  colours,  they  truly  are  a  wonder.  For  me  the  sky evokes  another  world  which  is quite  ethereal.  I  find  myself resonating  with  its  ever  changing  moods.  It  fuels  my imagination  and  stirs  my  emotions.  For  me  it’s  another  world which can be dramatic, exciting, peaceful  and romantic. It’s a world where anything is possible.

Once my emotions are stirred, I’m compelled to capture its raw and powerful energy on canvas. The paints comes alive in my hands  and  they  become  a  part  of  me.  I  find  myself  swirling amongst  the  clouds,  drawn  in  by  the  light  and  uplifted  by the colours.

Emotions do play a huge part in my work. I can truly express myself when I paint. It’s helped me to get  through  the  toughest  of  times, and  has  given  me  hope when I desperately needed it. For me having another world to go  to  has  been  crucial,  my  imagination  has  been  my  escape from reality.