Saturday 26 May – Sunday 3 June 2018
Open Evening Friday 1 June 6 – 8.30 pm

About Insights

Insights brings together artists exploring and reflecting on a diverse range of themes and concepts, ranging from microplastics, the microscopic world of moss and the sublime effects of lighting on porcelain to the human condition, memories and remnants of time that has passed.

Each artist has a story to tell, revealing elements that often go unnoticed or are hidden. In doing so, they give us new insights by helping us look at the world around us from a new perspective, giving it new context and meaning.


This exhibition is an exciting collaboration between HND Fine Art graduates and students from BMet Sutton Coldfield College and artists from the West Midlands. The work being exhibited includes sculptures, installations, video projection, paintings and prints.

Susie Bramich

Susie Bramich works in mixed media and uses clay and light to act as significant elements in her vessels.  Her interest lies in the interplay between the natural world and the artificial and the stories that result. Her inspiration stems from the nature of different clays and the combination of a variety of elements and processes.


Instagram: @bramichsusie

Graham Burquest

Graham Burquest is an artist and lecturer who works in Birmingham, UK. He has been developing his art for many years, with special interest in the figure and landscape, in particular the connections that tie these two genres together. He works in paint and graphite/charcoal, the tactility of which are a key essence within his work.

Sally Butcher

Sally Butcher’s practice focuses on female subjectivity; most particularly ideas of embodiment as intercorporeality through formations of a culturally desired femininity at odds with a desiring body. She uses subject matter associated with the female, detached and reframed to distort and challenge assumptions of such gendered identity within signifying practices.

Luke Clift

Luke Clift is a UK based graphic designer, artist and illustrator. Born and raised in Birmingham, his inspiration comes from observing people and trying to capture their character through portraiture, whether that be through the use of pencil, digital illustration, watercolours, sculpture and other media.
Instagram: @luke_clift13

Sally Kent

Sally Kent’s emotional realm plays a huge part in where her art practice takes her. She uses meditation as a form of conjuring up ideas, her dreams are also a source of guidance for her art. She takes symbolism and translates it with materials that resonate with her current emotional state.
Instagram: @kundalinidevotee
Facebook: @bluebellsandbuddha

Thomas Matthews

Thomas Matthews specialises in using a different range of media, like print, digital and paint, to create work that can be clearly recognised and identified with the viewer in question. His speciality is using vibrant, high intensity colours to create fine detailed work, to provoke a lasting impression on the audience.

Instagram: @tommatthewsdesign

Priti Patel

Writing is an instrumental part of Priti Patel’s practice, particularly letter writing. She uses the most suitable medium to articulate her thoughts and feelings, which sometimes results in combining analogue and digital techniques, such as embroidery with photography, projections and sound.

Bryn Sharratt

Situated in the UK, Bryn Sharratt is a contemporary artist whose work derives from emotional connections to personal experiences and empathetic responses to other people’s lives. By utilising colour, he plays on connotations and strives to excite conversation and discussion between viewers.

Rebecca Trimbell

Rebecca Trimbell’s work is defined by her hands. She believes that they can figure out problems, express emotion, gather her thoughts, make repairs and put her ducks in a row.

Sam Watson

Sam Watson is a UK based artist from Leicester, his work implements the use of reused plastics which he tests for aesthetic versatility.

The future predicts he’ll continue filling up and scooping out of the green bin. He wishes to continue his practice commercially and experimentally.


Instagram: @cadmiumfellow

Jodie Wingham

Jodie Wingham’s practice combines printmaking with non-traditional methods of display to create artworks that playfully distort images, turned into sculptural forms.

Themes surrounding the pleasure taken by human beings in the act of ‘looking’ underpin her work. This can take the form of an open button on a man’s shirt or the embrace of a couple, both creating conversations surrounding intimacy, not just between the people within the work but between the viewer and the work.

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